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Discover what type of festival fan you are

Lost in music, here for the party or boujee boutique? Find your true festival persona.

Whether in a field or in the middle of the city, dominated by heavy metal or enveloped in electronic sounds, every festival attracts a huge range of punters. This diversity is what makes a festival atmosphere so uniquely vibrant, blending together the young and the old, the first-time partiers and the seasoned veterans.

Whether an enthusiastic camper or a day ticket holder, all types indulge in the wide variety of entertainment on offer across the wide spectrum of festivals in the UK and abroad.

Here’s your chance to find out your festival persona, be it one ready to become lost in the music, a dedicated camper with a penchant for beer and cider, a festival veteran with a firm favourite each year, or a toe dipper preferring smaller, family friendly festivals and attending in large groups.

Take part in the quiz below to find out where you sit in the ever-diverse world of festivals.

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Header photo by Sarah Koury/Latitude

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