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GET ME IN! and Seatwave are shutting down

Big news from Ticketmaster HQ.

We’re shutting down our sites GET ME IN! and Seatwave.

That’s right, we’ve listened and we hear you: secondary sites just don’t cut it anymore and you’re tired of seeing others snap up tickets just to resell for a profit.

All we want is you, the fan, to be able to safely buy tickets to the events you love.

So, we’re launching a fan-to-fan ticket exchange on Ticketmaster where you can easily buy tickets or sell tickets you can’t use through our website at the price originally paid or less.


The new Ticketmaster website will be rolled out soon in the UK and Ireland, and across Europe early next year. But from today, there will be no new events listed on GET ME IN! or Seatwave.

We’re excited about making ticketing simpler. All you need to think about are those incredible experiences you’ll never forget.

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