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Delve inside Santa Pod Raceway

Here's what happened when we attended the Main Event in May.

From Friday 25 – Monday 28 May 2018 Santa Pod Raceway hosted the FIA/FIM Main Event, one of Santa Pod’s most prestigious drag race meetings. Across the four days the raceway welcomed over 200 teams and 17 classes of cars and bikes, at seriously top speeds. The event included the sport’s F1 class, with dragsters accelerating from 0-100mph in less than a second.

The new track surface brought record breaking speeds and times, never seen before in the UK, as well as a whole host of activities and spectacles for ticket holders to enjoy both on and off the track.

It forms part of Santa Pod’s season, which includes over fifty events throughout the year from Stunt Displayers, Jet Cars, Drifting, Monster Trucks and more.

The season still boasts the likes of Dragstalgia in July 2018, Redline Rumble in August, and the FIA European Finals in September, among others. It’s the perfect stop for petrol heads, adrenaline junkies, family and friends.

Various ticket packages are also available, including hospitality packages and the opportunity to ride in in a dragster.

At the FIA/FIM Main Event, we witnessed all the action on the track, in the paddock and inside the dragster. Watch the video above to delve inside the world of Santa Pod.

For information and tickets for the remainder of the Santa Pod season, head to